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Trust Data Solutions Office Reporting Business Engine (ORBE)™, a new integrated suite of hosted applications.  These Software as a Service (SaaS) applications are built around a core Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System providing real cost savings through integration, automation, hosting, reporting, and data aggregation.
ORBE Family of Products

eAlerts! ORBE eAlerts!™
ORBE eAlerts!™ is a hosted Email Notification System that provides members with real-time notification, via email, as important account events occur.  When integrated into your existing online banking site, this cutting-edge solution reduces call center demand, accelerates fraud detection and provides a competitive advantage.


Job File Scheduler
ORBE Job File Scheduler™
Automate Tasks, Increase Productivity.  ORBE Job File Scheduler™ is a fully-functional hosted automation program that minimizes redundant daily tasks and frees the IT department to work on more pressing issues.  This integrated management tool enables the scheduling, tracking and reporting of automated tasks such as backup, processing and maintenance.

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Xperience ORBE Xperience™
Xperience™ is an online Survey, Polling, Assessment, Training and Testing System allowing for survey invitations and codes to be printed directly on teller receipts and member letters.  The easy-to-use interface allows you to see survey results instantly, at the click of a button, without the time loss or data input that is required with printed surveys.  Each survey is fully customizable and can be traced back to an individual transaction.

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