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Custom Programming
When your objectives can’t be met with the contents of a box, Trust Data Solutions consulting services will be there to meet your challenge with industry expertise and technological know-how. We offer a wide range of custom programming and consulting services including:  

  • Symitar Report Generator Creation
    • Account Cross Sale
    • Credit Card Tracking
    • Title Tracking
    • Bankruptcy Tracking
    • Incentive Programs
    • Courtesy Pay Programs
    • Extracts
    • Branch Accounting Programs
    • Budget Input Programs
    • ATM Refund Programs
    • Payroll for Business Members
    • Account Analysis
    • Affiliate Account Tracking
    • Relationship Pricing Programs
  • NetTeller Member Connect Customization
  • Third-Party Software Interfaces

Symitar (Epysis)

  Symitar Services
Trust Data Solutions provides a complete package of services including:

• Symitar Report Generator Creation

  • FICS tracking
  • Credit Card tracking
  • Title tracking
  • Bankruptcy tracking
  • Incentive programs
  • Courtesy Pay programs
  • Relationship Pricing programs
  • Branch accounting programs
  • Budget Input programs
  • ATM Refund programs
  • Payroll for business members
  • Account analysis
  • Affiliate account tracking
  • Extracts

NetTeller Member Connect Web Programming and Design

• Third Party Interfaces – Creating custom interface between a third party system and Symitar


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